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Dentistry & Dental X-Ray

A picture of a vet brushing dog's teeth

Pre-Procedure Testing
We recommend pre-anesthetic blood work prior to any anesthetic procedure to ensure that your pet’s organs and immune system are in a healthy state to properly process anesthesia and pain medications.

Procedure Time
All of our anesthetized patients have intravenous catheters placed before their procedures to allow a safe and easy route to administer medications and fluids. During the procedure, patients are closely monitored by the veterinarian and veterinary technician. By utilizing electronic monitoring equipment, we monitor EKG, blood pressures, and oxygen levels of your pet.

Digital dental radiography is available to allow our staff to visualize your pet’s teeth below the gum line in order to detect problems earlier and adjust our treatment plans accordingly.

A dental cleaning includes ultrasonic scaling and polishing of all the teeth. A complete oral health examination is performed by the veterinarian, and further treatment, such as tooth extraction can be performed.

Home Care
Many of our patients will be sent home with pain medications and antibiotics. Working in the mouth is a delicate area and gum tissue is sensitive; pain control as well as controlling infection is important to a quick and healthy recovery of gum tissue and bone! We will also provide you with a home care plan which may include brushing, dental chews, water additives and/or dental diets. This will help your pet’s dental procedure benefits last longer and therefore spread out the time between needed procedures!