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Senior Care

As our pets age, diseases and problems are more likely to develop. The goal of good senior care is to detect and treat these problems early in order to minimize the impact they have on your pet.

Common Senior Care issues include: Kidney disease, heart disease, arthritis, and thyroid disease, among others. Some of these can be very subtle in their onset. Our team of veterinarians may recommend tests to help detect these conditions when the history and physical exam indicate a problem may be developing.

We offer a Senior Wellness laboratory panel that includes a blood chemistry, CBC, thyroid test, urinalysis, and fecal parasite screening. This will be sent out to a professional reference laboratory that reports the results back often within 24 hours.

Once a problem is discovered and treatment is started, regularly scheduled follow up examinations and laboratory tests will be done to monitor the progression of the problem and the effectiveness of the treatment.

In some cases, the veterinarians will recommend your pet be seen by a specialist to better address your pet’s specific problems.