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Nutritional Counseling

Dog and Bowl

We are excited to help your pet find the right balance of nutrition and exercise, and educate you on various diets and treats to help keep your pet healthy!

We know that each pet comes with a lifestyle that is different from all others and we will work with you to provide a nutritionally complete diet for your pet.

At every visit your pet is weighed and that weight is tracked in the patient file. We understand that as your schedule changes at home, school or work that your pets feeding and exercise schedule may need time to adjust too. Medical conditions that may arise in the life of your pet may also benefit from changes in the diet.

We can easily schedule a nutritional counseling appointment where we can assess the diet, snacks and exercise your pet is receiving and come up with a plan for increased longevity and a healthier life style.

Companies we work with include Fromm, Royal Canin, Hill’s, and Purina. Many of our patients with multiple health concerns may benefit from a consultation which includes your veterinarian and a nutritional specialist which are on staff at each of the veterinary pet food manufacturing companies. Each of these companies has a wide variety of veterinary diets along with over the counter diets for your pet to enjoy.

We are proud to offer these fine brands of pet food. Stop into our office to purchase your pet food or ask our friendly staff about what food is right for your pet.